The Ultimate List of Trending, Real Time Search and Social Search Websites

Scott Scanlon

Is chief doer at You Brand, Inc. and also master curator at the WordPress content curation platform Curation Suite.

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26 Responses

  1. Brad says:

    Thanks for including us in the list, and giving us such a great review.

  2. Emilie says:

    Wajam is a social search plugin using social networks such as Twitter and Facebook to find more personalized content in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon and more.

  3. Jeff Weiss says:

    I was expecting the usual five or six sites but at 40+ sites there’s plenty to keep everybody busy for a long time. I was expecting to see some monitoring sites like HowSociable but they’re on a different plane than what is mentioned here. Great list.

  4. mmp997 says:

    This is interesting, but doesn’t solve my particular problem!  We run a real estate site and want to track stories about high net worth individuals, preferably those in finance or politics, that are buying or selling homes.   There’s not much point in running a story about Justin Bieber buying a house, because the demographics of readers of stories about Bieber would simply bring us a higher bounce rate. 
    Our natural demographic are readers of Bloomberg, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal.  So how to track house-purchasing stories of interest to this demographic? 

    • ScottScanlon says:

       @mmp997 You have to develop a keyword list or matrix based on the demographics of the target audience your looking for. From there you would use some of the services listed above to create alerts or searches based on these keywords. For your market finding relevant stories will be more of challenge but I think it’s possible with some editorial.
      Not sure I’d agree with you on the Bieber angle, it depends on how you spin it… let’s say the Biebs is selling a house in LA that he bought a few years ago for a substantial increase in value. You find a way to relate this to your readers in a way where they can get value or learn something. You might have a headline like… 
      Here’s How Justin Bieber Got 15% More Than Average Market Value 
      Your lead in might be…
      While you might not have screaming teenage girls around every corner you use one simple tip that allowed Bieber to sell his house well above the LA County average….
      Another good option is curation with commentary… we actually have built a perfect platform for this called Curation Traffic…. you can learn more about that here:
      Once again I think the key is taking stories and relating them to your audience with your unique spin and editorial.

      • mmp997 says:

         @ScottScanlon Any thoughts on the best services for creating targeted alerts (for us)?  We had a member of staff  who used some Google analytic thinggy to track stories, putting in particular keywords.  She did it so generally that it was useless – she got hundreds of emails from Google accumulating in her inbox – but possibly, there might be a way of putting in the names of the top 400 people in finance and the word ‘house”?? ? Time-consuming, but it could be interesting.  
        I agree about the spinning angle, but at the same time, if one could really target stories relevant to the demographic, well, who knows…. it is an experimental question, whether targeted subject-matter or spun angle works best.  The success of sites like Business Insider suggests that, as you say, ‘angling’ can be very powerful. 

  5. uwritearticles says:

    Great list but one website you should of added is

  6. thanks a ton scott for sharing these social media gems with us as the rule says of SMM more visibility of content to users more appreciation from search engines

  7. David Deke says:

    Wow Scott! Thanks for this, It will help me for my Get A Clue Marketing Show, for great content.

  8. Really very nice post thanks……….

  9. Jayson says:

    Any updates on this list? Haven’t seen one since December, what’s new?

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  11. Conor mulloy says:

    Don’t forget to add in! Stories sorted by their social media numbers

    • scottscanlon says:


      Thanks for sharing. We’ll get it added here by the end of the weekend.

      My initial impression is it’s easy to browse and already discovered some good stuff to curate and share.

      Thanks for your comment!

      • Conor mulloy says:

        Thanks Scott, that was a very quick response! Be sure to check out the pro version as well

  12. john michal says:

    what a detailed information i got from this post..great workdone.. thanx..

  13. Man this is a GREAT list. I am constantly trying to determine “real time” search terms, especially in the the jobs arena. Very helpful. Great blog too. Will definitely bookmark.

  14. Granite History says:

    Wow, this was mind blowing, thanks!! To set up a new FB Fanpage I would like to find trendy searches in FB for specific countries. Any idea what could help?

  15. Hawkmojama says:

    HotChirp – – maintains an archive of trending tweets at given points in time for thousands of topics. They’ve archived about 500,000 (topic specific) trending tweets since October 2013, and are constantly growing and therefore becoming ever more useful. That it archives trending tweets specific to topics makes it unique, and thus would seem to make it a candidate for the lists above.

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