Social Media Kills Brain Cells [study]

Scott Scanlon

Is chief doer at You Brand, Inc. and also master curator at the WordPress content curation platform Curation Suite.

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    This is an interesting topic, and a great article. I think there is way too much noise and the photos of the meals and all of that, I don’t understand. I think the real problem is 95% of what people post aren’t relative to the people they are posting to. Even if it’s 80%, it’s still not spam because it’s from friends, but filtering out the noise just needs to get better. In real life people talk to each other about topics the other person isn’t interested in, but they do it because they are polite. One thing that meeting a lot of people in life has done for me has really just helped me figure out who I am and where I fit in. What I am good at, and when to look to others as experts in other areas. Networking and meeting people takes a lot of time and money. Social networking has no barrier to entry, that’s part of the problem, but if we look at it as a social experiment to help us all figure out where we all fit in and what’s appropriate and what isn’t, then maybe we’ll figure out how to align ourselves with the right people in life through the law of attraction. I do think unfortunately that social media is making people anti-social in real life. I can read it all over people’s faces, it’s like they don’t know how to relate to people. I like your comment about telling someone to come over to look at the photo of their food, it’s funny but so true. People are at work and bored, so they post some little thing hoping to reach out to 3 people who will comment to make there day go faster. I think eventually this novelty wares off a little. I totally agree with you that the social marketing isn’t predictable and is 4th or 5th in line behind other stuff. I think listening to the E-myth and 4 hour work week is a top priority. Systems, automation, are probably 2nd and 3rd, and where your passion lies and what you see yourself doing for 20-50 years is probably the most important because if you keep starting and stopping with concepts then the brand never builds the full equity. Stuff like what Netflix did, to spin off another. I’m just a big believer in keeping it close-knit, together like google does. G+ problem is really is in needing to reach a tipping point, put putting it together with the dashboard I thought was good, but I still think it has a long ways to go. Social media is relationship building and this is the foundation of long-term success, but it’s certainly not the quickest, and for most won’t come fast enough to make a profit, that’s why some short-term advertising wins for immediate cash flow will be needed.

    Thanks Scott for getting us to think with a great article.

    I’ve noticed people use to hammer facebook with marketing and it turned more into personal now.

  • GregMarcusDeTisi

    Great info there! This is exactly what we all require in a time when trust is needed!

    Way To Go!

  • Charlotte74

    There are greater marketing opportunities than social media marketing but, if you can crack social media, it can certainly drive traffic and brand awareness.

  • LauLau81

    Social media I believe is a great help in promoting and marketing your products. Immediate purchase, yes it is… But there are lots of ways also that is more effective than using social media alone for marketing your products. Social media can only be a part.

  • mmagarzo16

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  • Alesia Krush

    I view social media networks as platforms, but not as marketing tactics or methods in themselves. For example, Twitter is just another place for people to find you (your brand) and additional means they can use to connect with you. But that doesn’t mean that Twitter is some secret marketing weapon in itself.