NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) stock has been a huge winner in recent years. Since 2016, shares have returned 640%, versus the S&P 500’s nearly 40% return.

This exceptional performance has left investors hungry for articles about the fast-growing graphics processing unit (GPU) specialist and artificial intelligence (AI) player, which in turn means that financial writers are coming out of the woodwork to meet this demand. If said woodwork was filled only with folks who were both capable of grasping meaty tech topics and willing to do adequate homework before gracing the digital world with their words and analysis, this en masse emergence wouldn’t be an issue.

Not surprisingly, however, this isn’t the case. Certainly, we all make occasional errors, but there’s no excuse for getting key things wrong — at least, repeatedly wrong — because of doing nil, or considerably inadequate, research.

Here are three things that I’ve read — including on some well-regarded sites — on multiple occasions that are wrong, with at least some of them a sign that you should probably be skeptical about the rest of the content of a particular article. This is a very common and timely error.

I think what happens here is that some writers see mention that “NVIDIA is a cryptocurrency play” (which is true), do no digging, and make the inaccurate leap to “NVIDIA is a bitcoin play,” because bitcoin is the best-known digital currency as a result of being the oldest and largest crypto, by market cap. The accurate information: NVIDIA’s GPUs are generally considered ideal for “mining,” or generating, emerging cryptocurrencies that require mining. Read more from host.madison.com…

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