The future of artificial intelligence could save humanity — or destroy it. AI boasts dozens of advantages that will push society into a brighter future, like nagging you into losing weight, fighting workplace sexual harassment and gender bias and detecting if someone is at risk for suicide.

But the civilization-destroying potential of AI makes it a greater threat than a savior. Here are five stories from 2017 that should have you ready to prep for the AI apocalypse.

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In May, the Canadian startup, Lyrebird, unveiled their voice-copying technology. The “Mission Impossible”-style program can learn and mimic your voice using just 60 seconds of you speaking.

Placed in the wrong hands — like that of an AI overlord — the tech could easily be used against someone, to convince them to go somewhere or scam them of money or personal property. Getty Images/iStockphoto
Scientists at Carnegie Mellon developed an AI that can anticipate and predict human thought. Read more from…

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