The Minister of Artificial Intelligence says he has high hopes for industry in shaping the UAE’s future The first 500 Emirati men and women will soon start their training in artificial intelligence as the UAE looks to begin shaping its future in a field that is expected to soon touch every company and individual on the planet. The students’ training is part of an agreement signed by Oracle and the Higher Colleges of Technology on Sunday to prepare young UAE nationals youth for the country’s future jobs.

Oracle is also discussing with the university ways to develop AI-related degrees. “We’re focusing on research and development in technology as well as providing the necessary support and training for local youth,” said Omar Al Olama, Minister of Artificial Intelligence, at the launch in Dubai.

“Most importantly, we are focusing on utilising emerging technologies in public services to enhance day-to-day experiences of UAE citizens and increase the efficiency of the government and private sectors. We hope to see the positive effects of these technologies in the coming years.” According to a report by the United Nations last year, almost 65 per cent of current primary school pupils will one day work in a job that does not yet exist.

And last month the US research company Gartner predicted that AI will generate 2.3 million in 2020 alone, outstripping the 1.8 million is is expected to eliminate. While jobs such as driving vehicles are likely to go, managerial jobs, including processing the huge amounts of data being collected from people today, will need to be created.

“That’s a good indication that the world is changing and AI completely changes the way in which we operate,” said Abdul Rahman Al Thehaiban, senior vice president in technology for the Middle East and Africa at Oracle. “We are in an era of evolution and we anticipate a heavy adoption to AI. Read more from…

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