Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways:87% of US cybersecurity professionals report that their organizations are currently using AI as part of their cybersecurity strategy.

-Webroot, 201791% of cybersecurity professionals are concerned about hackers using AI against companies in cyberattacks. -Webroot, 2017More than 90% of cybersecurity professionals are concerned that hackers will use artificial intelligence (AI) in cyberattacks against their company that are more sophisticated and harder to detect, according to a new report from Webroot.

AI has already proven to be both a benefit and a threat on the cybersecurity front: While the technology can help companies fill cybersecurity skills gaps and safeguard data, it also gives hackers a new tool for attack. In August, researchers created an AI that could modify malware to bypass machine learning antivirus software.

Common cyberattacks such as phishing also become much more effective when they are powered by AI, according to ZDNet. Webroot surveyed 400 cybersecurity professionals at companies with 100 or more employees in the US and Japan. Read more from…

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