For decades, prestigious scientists have been searching for a way to see through walls. And, in the past few years, they’ve succeeded — they created technology that uses WiFi to sense people through walls.

Only, the signal it returns is really scant. Now, researchers at MIT have developed a new machine learning algorithm that not only detects people’s movements, it also models what they are actually doing.

Fortunately for people who value the modest privacy walls provide, the new technology just recreates a bare-bones stick figure that matches the person’s pose and movements. When we say something can “see” through walls, we don’t actually mean, like, vision per se.

The artificial intelligence-powered system, dubbed RF-Pose, bouncesWiFi signals through the walls and off people on the other side of them, and analyzes the patterns as they come back. From these blobs of reflected signals, the technology is able to reconstruct a 2D stick figure.

It’s like how a bat sees by echolocation, except the “image” rendered in its head is a childish drawing. The stick figure, of course, doesn’t have a face. Read more from…

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