Here’s one way to get attention for your movie. Tony Kaye, the filmmaker best known for American History X and the abortion documentary Lake of Fire, is reportedly looking toward the future with his next feature.

According to Deadline, Kaye will direct 2nd Born, a sequel to the upcoming indie comedy 1st Born, and he’s casting an A.I. for the lead role.

The crazy thing is Kaye and producer Sam Khoze also apparently hope their robot star earns a SAG card for its performance. At a time when inclusion is on the rise, maybe diverse humans aren’t the only ones deserving of playing characters like them on screen.

Deadline’s report says the filmmakers here are looking to forego computer effects, implying that it’s time for robots to play robots. Not CGI.

Not robot puppets a la Johnny 5. Maybe Chappie and Wall-E sort of the star of their own eponymous movies, but those robots are not real. Read more from…

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