University of Washington professor Pedro Domingos shot to prominence after his book was seen on China president Xi Jinping’s bookshelf during the leader’s annual New Year’s Day greetings this year. SINGAPORE: Artificial intelligence: Two words that have been bandied about everywhere to seemingly give anything a shimmer of technological star dust.

This is where Mr Pedro Domingos comes in. The professor in University of Washington’s Computer Science and Engineering department is widely known as a thought leader in this field.

His book, The Master Algorithm, was even seen on the bookshelf of China president Xi Jinping – a big proponent of AI – at the start of the year. Channel NewsAsia spoke to Mr Domingos, who was in town at the invitation of StarHub, on Tuesday (Jul 17), to put some of the more common AI misconceptions to bed and get his views on whether Skynet is, indeed, coming.

Domingos: AI is getting machines to do what traditionally needs human intelligence to do. Things like reasoning, problem solving, common sense, knowledge, understanding what you see, understanding speech and language, and learning.

Computers traditionally couldn’t do these, and getting them to do so is what AI is all about. Domingos: They are related, but they are different. Read more from…

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