If there were still any doubt that Google is head over heels in love with AI and machine learning, one need only look at last week’s Google I/O. Everything has a smidgen or truckload of AI tacked on top.

That is true for even something that may seem as mundane as news. Retiring its much-ignored Newsstand app and service, Google launched its new News app whose selection of stories are largely driven by two things: AI and what data Google has on you.

And now that same Google News is available on iOS, ready to take on Apple News with some artificial smarts. The timing couldn’t be more perfect or worse, depending on which side you’re on.

Apple has recently been seen as stepping up its News efforts with new hires and partnerships. Then comes along Google News with its promise of better news cooked using Google’s favorite ingredients: AI and you.

Many news apps and services advertise some form of machine learning feature that will customize news suggestions as you go along. Google’s offer is, of course, different in one important way: it already knows a whole lot about you. Read more from slashgear.com…

thumbnail courtesy of slashgear.com