Three weeks ago, New York Times reporter Cade Metz sent shockwaves through society with a startling announcement that A.I. researchers were making more than $1 Million dollars, even at a nonprofit!

Let’s set the record straight … I thought then. Those innocent days, back in April 19th.

How naive I was. How naive we all were.

You see, exponential growth doesn’t just plod along, gradually. One day you’re chewing on your Bazooka bubble gum and exponential growth drops out of the sky wearing anti-gravity boots, smacks you in the face, and blasts off through a tesseract into hitherto unexplored regions of spacetime.

To give you a better feeling for what this looks like, let’s take a look at the exponential explosion of technology over the past 4 years. The exponential growth in AI (doubly exponential, but let’s not get hung up on technicalities) is similarly jarring. Read more from…

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