If scientific journals don’t make their articles available to everyone, we want nothing to do with them. That’s the gist of a petition signed by more than 2,000 artificial intelligence researchers publicized in a tweet on Saturday.

Specifically, the scientists are boycotting a recently-announced journal, Nature Machine Intelligence, because it would trap the articles published there behind a paywall. Artificial intelligence research should be transparent and open to the community at large, argues Tom Dietterich of Oregon State University, the machine learning researcher who began the boycott, according to Retraction Watch.

Reminder: science publishing is a business. Many journals, especially the most reputable ones (which include those from the Nature Publishing Group), require payment from anyone who wants to read a full article.

For reference: an online subscription to a Nature journal costs $59 per year (print and online will run you $225 annually). Alternatively, people can pay to view individual research articles.

While it’s common for universities and media organizations to purchase access for entire institutions, these costs can push the latest research out of the grasp of independent researchers or simply people interested in a field. There’s been a larger push towards making more scientific journals open access. Read more from futurism.com…

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