In case you missed the memo, artificial intelligence (AI) is now encroaching into just about every facet of our lives, from recruitment and cybersecurity to ecommerce and even reputation management. But creativity is one of the last remaining vestiges of human endeavor that is safe from the bony claws of algorithmic automation for how long, though, is another matter.

Algorithms are increasingly stretching into the creative realm, with the likes of Google offering tools that replicate human drawings, Wix offering automated web design, Prisma transforming your photos into artwork, and Automated Insights generating sports and financial press coverage using nothing but numbers. Then there’s Tailor Brands, which recently raised $15.5 million to grow its AI-powered platform that automatically creates company brands.

It’s against that backdrop that Albert Technologies is setting out to disrupt the digital marketing sphere with a AI platform that automatically generates campaigns for brands around the world. This week, Albert announced that it has raised a fresh $18 million in funding from institutional investors including Schroder Investment Management, Hargreave Hale, and Old Mutual Global Investors, adding to an initial $42 million it raised at its 2015 London IPO when the company was known as Adgorithms. At its base level, Albert crunches vast swathes of data and converts this into insights on which it acts autonomously to run optimized campaigns.

Digging down into the detail, Albert works across channels such as Facebook and Google to measure the impact and outcome of marketing campaigns, and then automates its own campaigns based on what it deems to be effective for a market segment. Companies can feed Albert with their own creative content, such as slogans, images, logos, and so on, alongside their targets, while it can siphon data from the its database to figure out key characteristics of what a serious buyer looks like.

Albert can then try to find other potential customers that matches those traits, known as “lookalike” audiences, and run its own trial campaigns on a small group of customers, before refining and launching it on a larger scale. Above: Creative content in Albert Above: Albert: dashboard with notifications Albert was founded out of Tel Aviv in 2010 by Or Shani, and was developed by a team of data scientists and engineers in the intervening years ahead of its 2014 launch. Read more from…

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