It seems that artificial intelligence can’t actually do everything, at least not yet. A research scientist and artificial intelligence aficionado tried to program a neural network to write Christmas carols and the lyrics it came up with are laughable, to say the least.

To be fair to the neural network, Janelle Shane, the creator of the computer program, did not actually instruct it to create Christmas carols. Instead, she supplied it with a dataset of over 240 Christmas carols collected by The Times of London and another neural network enthusiast, Erik Svensson, the Daily Mail reports.

At first, the AI started generating nonsensical words. On her blog, Shane explains that that’s because it begins by using random rules to arrange the letters.

But as time goes on, the AI learns to compare its rules to the other Christmas carols in the database. As its learning continues, the “songs” start kind of making sense. Read more from…

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