Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a trending and hottest technology with a huge scope of implementation in all sectors, which will ultimately not only benefit the community but also simplify the lifestyle to a great extent. According to industry analysts, the role of Artificial Intelligence will be higher in 2018 and is expected to transform and refine the healthcare industry in a big way.

Even though there is a growing confusion among researchers over the progress and adoption including competition, you can expect major changes in the healthcare and pharma sectors once the Artificial Intelligence is completely integrated into the various fields of medicine. The companies should tap into Big Data, Machine Learning and AI to change the way we interact with the pharmaceutical segment.

Firstly, the nature of human thinking should be ascertained using long-term goals and potential of the technology at the macro level. After that, the complex problems can be solved easily with proper documentation.

The main role of the AI should be to combat human capabilities via applications. The AI revolution can be tapped by Imaging applications. Read more from…

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