The year 2018 will be one of artificial intelligence “operationalisation” as more services integrate AI systems in their core offerings. The age of artificial intelligence (AI) is upon us.

Every aspect of life will soon be altered — and sometimes defined — by AI. FICO, a Silicon Valley-based data analytics and software firm, has studied the potential impact of AI in 2018.

In essence, AI will come to form the core of many sectors and will be “operationalised” by organisations. Here are three AI trends for the year.

The rising use of Blockchain technology in the financial services sector will bring about a time when AI will be used to search through customer relationship data. New, automated analytic techniques will scan for patterns in contracts and transactions of people.

With more enriched customer data at their disposal, banks and financial institutions will be able to offer better, and highly personalised, services to customers. “Blockchain technology will soon record ‘time chains of events,’ as applied to contracts, interactions, and occurrences. Read more from…

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