Startups, entrepreneurship and tech in Nigeria It is not news that AI is shaking up the world, unlocking new frontiers in addressing business and societal challenges. The AI progress metrics maintained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation show that in several applications, including tasks previously thought to be doable only by humans, AI has superseded human ability.

Businesses and countries are leveraging this to improve their bottom-line and make life easier for their citizens respectively. They are also putting their money where their mouths are.

Globally there was an investment of over 6 billion dollars in AI companies in just 2017. While a lot of discussion on AI, especially on the African continent, focuses on its propensity to take away jobs in the context of huge unemployment burdens, there is also a strong consensus on the potential of AI for good — to address the enormous socio-economic challenges on the continent.

At the heart of the AI revolution is the data explosion. The massive amounts of data coming from increasingly pervasive sensors, social networks, and mobile devices are unlocking new opportunities.

This explosion has fortuitously coincided with recent success in the application of a technique called deep learning that uses graphics processing unit (GPU) accelerated computing. The current state of the art in AI is driven by the success of deep learning, and the explosion in the 3 Vs of data — velocity, volume and variety and the parallel computing advantage that GPUs provide. Read more from…

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