Join the Irish in celebrating the patron saint’s day of Ireland, Saint Patrick, from 17-18 March at a host of events around the country. Dr. Arnand Rao says that developments in Artificial Intelligence are changing the way we should learn, how we use smart phones and even executive level decision making.

AI guru on how technology will change our world Arnand Rao: We are moving away from reading or learning a body of knowledge, whether its physics, chemistry, biology, to how do you learn about learning, how do you practically think about problems, breaking them down quickly to into different pieces to bring the right knowledge to bear. Those are some of the skills you will need.

And also, how do you deal with people, how do you empathise with them. So, in addition to the content we are teaching, we also should be teaching and learning about new ways of solving problems using technology using people and all sorts of combinations.

So, learning math at a very fundamental level; it is the underlying base. Then I would say philosophy, which teaches you how to think critically, to analyse and debate–I think that becomes more important.

And third is human psychology and emotional intelligence, behaviour–how to change behaviour. Those would be the primary things that kids need to learn. Read more from…

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