To be honest, some applications of artificial intelligence can be mind-boggling and in fact, the technology is luring businesses into taking unimaginable ventures. For the longest time, Alibaba has maintained the position of being China’s leading e-commerce firm.

Well now, through its AI-based program christened ET Brain, the company is exploring other fields -from venturing into city planning, traffic management and diagnosing illnesses, now Alibaba has turned to the rearing of pigs. For the purpose of clarity, the giant retailer has many departments, and in this case, Alibaba’s Cloud Unit is the section that will be taking care of this new venture –“pig farming.” In addition to that, the company is not into this alone; it is in collaboration with Tegu Group, a food and agriculture corporation in China that raises close to 10 million pigs yearly.

In their signed agreement, Alibaba’s contribution is using AI technology to deploy voice and facial recognition on Tequ’s pig farms. At least that now explains the relationship between the online retailer and pigs. Going by the agreement between the two businesses, Alibaba offers the artificial intelligence software to Tequ, which it will install on its farms with its private hardware.

And that will come from Alibaba’s cloud computing services. Through image recognition, the AI-powered software will master each pig based on a special mark placed on its body.

That should directly correspond with a file specified for each pig in a database. Ideally, this carries all details about the pig’s age, breed type and weight among others. Read more from…

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