The roots for how you interact with media and how media interacts with you to influence your choices date back to ancient civilizations in China and Egypt. Since that time, each advancement in communication technology has opened the door to new, more sophisticated forms of connecting brands with potential consumers.

You can argue advertising’s positive and negative effects, but you can’t ignore its overall impact on society and commerce. Standing out in a crowded marketplace was probably a challenge for those Egyptian sales posters made on papyrus.

It is even more difficult today. Depending on the statistics you read today’s consumer is exposed to 5,000-plus advertising and brand messages per day.

In reality, only 86 ads actually register with some level of awareness, and only 12 make an impression on you. One thing that hasn’t changed throughout human history is the power of referrals and endorsements from people you trust.

In the not too distant past, that meant relying on personal word-of-mouth and brand images that would potentially appeal to broad demographic segments. Pepsi, for instance, hopes that its customers will share their soft drink preferences with friends. Read more from…

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