“Artificial intelligence (AI) is coming to get us” and it’s just a small step from a self-driving car to AIs taking over our world and the “end of days” dystopias that Hollywood has popularised in a number of recent films. Or so some would have us believe. The reality is far less dramatic, and AI will need to go through a number of stages of development before it reaches the most extreme scenarios – if ever.

In our recent book Beyond Genuine Stupidity – Ensuring AI Serves Humanity, we explore the possibilities and challenges presented by this game changing technology. In this article we draw on key concepts from the book to demystify the fundamentals of AI.

At the core of the concept of AI is the idea of developing intelligent machines – e.g. computer algorithms that work and react like humans.

Applications include performing speech recognition, natural language processing and translation, visual perception, learning, reasoning, inference, strategising, planning, intuition, and decision-making. People have been working on these concepts since the 1940’s and AI has experienced many false dawns or “winters” as the AI community likes to describe them.

This time round, the feeling is that AI is here to stay. There are five main factors that have made AI the hot topic on the agenda for companies, investors, politicians, and citizens alike.  Firstly, we are seeing the development of far more efficient and smarter machine learning tools – the core algorithms through which AI systems develop their intelligence. Read more from gigabitmagazine.com…

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