The latest scientific developments show that hopes around the artificial intelligence, helping to find solutions to all kinds of problems, could be justified. MOSCOW (Sputnik) —  By the mid-20th century, both physicists and lyricists were scratching their heads over the issue of artificial intelligence.

What would it be like? What kinds of risks would it bear for humanity?

Now we know the answer to the first question. Artificial intelligence is a computer program.

It can make calculations, play chess and have robots do backflips. The second question is more complicated.

Some believe that artificial intelligence is a source of evil, adopting its own motives to destroy humanity, while others place great faith in it, hoping it will find solutions to all kinds of problems. The latest scientific developments show that the latter could be right. Machines with “artificial brains” can successfully replace their creators in many spheres of human activity, and — in certain areas — even surpass them.

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