Ashwin Kumar was previously the co-founder of Sway Finance, a Y Combinator-backed startup that used machine learning to automate accounting. At Insight, he developed a model that allows users to create working HTML websites from hand-drawn wireframes, significantly accelerating the design process.

He is now a Deep Learning Scientist at Mythic. Apply now to join the next cohort of researchers and engineers building cutting-edge Applied AI products.

The deadline for the next Insight AI Fellowship (both Silicon Valley and New York) is March 26th. Creating intuitive and engaging experiences for users is a critical goal for companies of all sizes, and it’s a process driven by quick cycles of prototyping, designing, and user testing.

Large corporations like Facebook have the bandwidth to dedicate entire teams to the design process, which can take several weeks and involve multiple stakeholders; small businesses don’t have these resources, and their user interfaces may suffer as a result. My goal at Insight was to use modern deep learning algorithms to significantly streamline the design workflow and empower any business to quickly create and test webpages.

A typical design workflow might look like the following: The length of the development cycle can quickly turn into a bottleneck, and companies like Airbnb have started to use machine learning to make this process more efficient. Though promising as an example of machine-assisted design, it’s unclear how much of this model is being fully trained end-to-end, and how much relies on hand-crafted image features. Read more from…

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