Baidu has appointed three senior AI scientists to its Baidu USA AI division, following the high profile departure last year of Baidu AI head Andrew Ng and several others. The company also announced two new AI labs one for business intelligence, one for robotics and autonomous driving.

The AI scientists are Dr. Ken Church, Dr. Hui Xiong, and Dr. Jun (Luke) Huan. All three will be working at Baidu’s Sunnyvale campus.

Dr Kenneth Church specializes in natural language processing and has worked at IBM’s Watson Research Center and Microsoft. His new colleague Dr Jun Huan is an expert in big data and data mining and Dr Hui Xiong in data and knowledge engineering.

Baidu’s release quotes Dr Church as saying: “AI’s significance is already evident. In addition to its commitment to fundamental research, Baidu is also in a unique position to transfer AI technology from the laboratory into reality and make the world a better place for hundreds of millions of people.

I’m excited to join this talented group of researchers and engineers at Baidu to explore the next frontier of AI.” Andrew Ng’s departure was a significant blow for Baidu’s AI efforts. The man behind Google Brain, he had been in charge of Baidu AI from 2014. Read more from…

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