As artificial intelligence evolves and seeps into people’s lives, it will impact how they work, live and grow Many fear the idea of a robot takeover, but the reality is something far more helpful to humans. In the background, the changes are seismic; yet in the mainstream the evolution is more nuanced 2017 is the year artificial intelligence had its coming out party.

As the tech evolves and seeps into the lives of many, it impacts on how they work and live, with the creation growing stronger. The AI Effect, otherwise known as AI is whatever hasn’t been done yet, is well known within the artificial intelligence community.

As the tech improves each year, however, what hasn’t been done is gradually becoming a smaller pool. >See also: Artificial intelligence is transforming the enterprise It feels like the last three years have been decisive for artificial intelligence.

Infrastructure has afforded those working on AI to reach new levels and figure out more complex algorithms. The result is smarter AI with fewer headaches for those making it. There has been an evolution and revolution.

It might still be a few years before AI fully encompases all-doing robots. But there’s no doubt about its involvement in people’s daily lives – even if many haven’t realised it yet. Read more from…

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