Let’s Enhance is an Estonia-based startup that’s using a so-called ‘hallucinating AI’ deep neural network to power a freemium photo upscaling service. On its website it claims the learning software “hallucinates missing details to make image look natural”.

It launched the online tool at the end of October, garnering a bit of early press coverage.  

I tried it out at the time but results seemed mixed and it was hard to judge how useful it might be without a proper use case to test it on. So I bided my time and this month happened to find myself with just the sort of digital photo challenge that I thought the service might be able to help with — in that photos I wanted to gift as framed prints didn’t have a great resolution for producing a decent sized print.


Low res photo problems? AI to the rescue!

One of the photos was just a fun smartphone snap. But others were a bit more high stakes — being from a wedding. Read more from techcrunch.com…

thumbnail courtesy of techcrunch.com