The technology underneath is not new but 2017 it’s been the most prolific year for chatbot development. If we don’t want the industry to die, 2018 should be the year of massive user adoption.Many users feel disappointed with chatbots because they can’t fulfill what’s expected from them.

However, there a few players doing some really good proposals. It might be true that NLP (Natural Language Processing) is not as advanced as we all would want, but there have been successful chatbots since 2001 with SmarterChild!At BEEVA we expect that the trends in the next year will be around the following topics: Use cases, Personality, Context, Webviews and Omnichannel.Use CasesWith all the available tools in the market anyone can deploy a chatbot in a matter of minutes.

That’s why in 2018 we will see every possible use case being implemented. Do you remember those days when you were able to find and app for anything you could imagine?

Back then, Apple registred the brand “There’s an app for that”, and we are going to be living exactly the same situation with chatbots, and “There’s a bot for that” will become a real thing.Designers have two important challenges to deal with.First of all, we will need to adapt all those ideas to the new format. Imagine anything you were able to do with an app, what’s the best way to deal with the situation in a pure conversational model? Read more from…

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