Chinese President Xi
Jinping delivers New Year speech. YouTube/CCTV English Every new year, China’s president Xi Jinping greets his nation
with a video recorded from his office.

Behind the desk he sits at
is an impressive book shelf that reveals what the world leader
has been reading; it gets closely analysed every
as we first saw via Quartz. This year, there were at least two books on his shelf about
artificial intelligence (AI).

They were Pedro Domingo’s “The
Master Algorithm: How the Quest for the Ultimate Learning Machine
Will Remake Our World” and Brett King’s “Augmented: Life in the
Smart Lane”. Released in 2015, “The Master Algorithm” describes how machine
learning is remaking business, politics, science and war.

details the various methods of machine learning and explains them
by comparing them to neural connections in the brain, logic, and
probability, among other things. The book also describes a fictional master algorithm, which
develops a perfect understanding of how the world and the people
within it work; the master algorithm is a “universal learner
capable of deriving all knowledge from data,” according to the
book’s synopsis.

The other book, “Augmented: Life in the Smart Lane,” looks at the
new “augmented age” and explains how it is going to cause
disruption and shift the way we as humans behave. It also delves
into how robots will replace human jobs and whether AIs will
subsume us as inferior intelligences. Read more from…

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