Chinese AI-powered speech recognition leader iFlytek from East China’s Anhui province has slugged it out in the translation arena with its latest translator that can recognize and translate speeches in 33 languages. “iFlytek Translator 2.0 not only represents a clear technological advance over competing products, but pushes boundaries in global voice recognition and the instant translation market,” said Hu Yu, executive president of iFlytek Co., Ltd, on a product launch in Beijing on April 20.

The flagship voice-based translation device iFlytek Translator 2.0 allows users to talk to the speaker to translate their words between Chinese and 33 foreign languages, including English, Japanese, Korean, French, and Spanish, with the original and translated text seen both on screen and read out loud. It handles both Mandarin and four common Chinese dialects, including Cantonese.

The powerful gadget also provides offline translation. “With the deepening of the ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative and the irreversible trend of globalization, commercial and tourism links will strengthen and the need for communication will always grow.

There is no doubt that this machine will greatly foster international exchanges. ” Hu said.

“The translation between different languages is related to the future destiny of human society. We take translation as a career not just a business,” said Hu in an interview with People’s Daily Online. Read more from…

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