This weekend I got to attend PyDataAmsterdam 2018 – this is my first trip to the Netherlands (Yay! It is lovely here).

I gave an updated talk on my earlier presentation for PyDataLondon 2018, this time I spoke more on : I had a lovely room, wide enough that I only got a third of my audience in the shot below: Checking afterwards it is lovely to get supportive feedback, thank you Ondrej and Tobias: Here are the slides (the code will be added to my data_science_delivered github repo within a week): I’m really happy with the growth of our international community (we’re up to 100 PyData meetups now!). I’m also very pleased to say that I’ve had a lot of people come up to say Thanks after the talk.

This is no doubt because I now highlight the amount of work done by volunteer conference organisers and volunteer speakers (almost everyone involved in running a PyData conference is an unpaid volunteer – organisers and speakers alike). We need to continue making it clear that contributing back to the open source ecosystem is essential, rather than just consuming from it. Read more from…

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