Love them or hate them, meetings are part of life as an entrepreneur. The average professional spends 31 hours per month in meetings — that’s more than 15 full days a year!

Meetings take up a lot of time, and it’s not just the time you actually spend in the meeting; the prep, scheduling, note taking and follow-up that also occur can be an even bigger drag on your already-tight schedule and resources. A recent study by Zoom of 1,000 professionals shows that incorporating some fast-improving technologies, including AI, can save you mountains of time.

More than 78 percent of people who have a lot of meetings (more than 10 hours per week) thought AI would save them at least an hour a week, with most estimating between one and five hours per week. That’s up to 4.5 weeks per year that could be freed up for your real work.

Here’s how to get that time back in your busy schedule. Related: How to Master Meetings (Infographic) There are a lot of solutions out there that will record and transcribe your full meeting.

That means you don’t need to take notes, and you definitely don’t need to designate a note taker. Instead, have your usual note taker work on a different, higher-value activity.  You can also use those transcripts to quickly review a meeting you might have missed and use keyword searches to zero in on the parts of the meeting you care most about rather than watch a recording of the entire meeting. Read more from…

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