artificial intelligence is the intelligent behavior by machines rather than the natural intelligence of humans and other animals. thought leaders ponder whether AI innovation will ultimately yield technology that can create without supervision or direction.

AI subcategories include pattern recognition, robotics, natural language processing, automation and machine learning. we used to think artificial intelligence was a silly sci-fi concept but when you really look into it, it seems like its been slowly encroaching into most areas of everyday life!

john mccarthy, who coined the term ‘artificial intelligence’ in 1956, complained that ‘as soon as it works, no one calls it AI anymore.’ what he means is the idea that once upon a time, technology like the photo library on our smartphone would have once been considered AI, now it’s just the norm. stop thinking of just robots – they’re just the container for AI, the body if you like, sometimes mimicking human form.

but the AI itself is the computer inside the robot. AI is the brain!  good things come in threes so here are a some helpful explanations
– artificial narrow intelligence (ANI): specializing in one area example like a chess champion computer.

– artificial general intelligence (AGI): that’s a machine that can do the smart stuff simple humans do. – artificial superintelligence (ASI): now this is a computer not just a little smarter than a human but trillions of times smarter. Read more from…

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