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advanced search: by author, subreddit… Libratus Poker AI Team (12/18/2017) DeepMind AlphaGo Team (10/19/2017) The MalariaSpot Team (2/6/2016) OpenAI Research Team (1/9/2016) Andrew Ng and Adam Coates (4/15/2015) Please have a look at our FAQ and Link-Collection Metacademy is a great resource which compiles lesson plans on popular machine learning topics.

For Beginner questions please try /r/LearnMachineLearning , /r/MLQuestions or Where a community about your favorite things is waiting for you. submitted 5 hours ago by turbocpp “My framework is faster than yours” has been a theme.

In the really ancient days, which is 2013, Soumith did a great job benchmarking the frameworks of the past, starting with Caffe Cuda-Convnet Theano and Torch, and made all the frameworks starting to realize the importance of proper design for speed. Today vendors are doing such a great job, and most frameworks are basically calling into vendor libraries, especially cudnn. Read more from…

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