AFP  If flawless human impersonation is possible, then will we all soon be taken in by scams where bots sound like they are our trusted friends or organisations. The human race needs to be ready to embrace this remarkable technology — but also to regulate and harness it.

We need a plan for jobs, and a plan to prevent abuses before they spiral out of control. “Hello!

It looks like you’re into artificial intelligence, so we rounded up a few of our favourites for you this week. Because you’re a member and an avid reader, we want to make sure you are getting the best stories in the topics that interest you.” The email went on to give me a list of articles I might be interested in.

And they were right, I was interested. But here’s the thing: that email was certainly not sent by “folks” — at least not in the way we used to think about them.

That was a message about AI — sent by AI! An algorithm was studying my reading patterns, decided I was interested in articles about algorithms like itself, and sent me a mail recommending that I read more about its brethren Meanwhile, over at Google, CEO Sundar Pichai was showcasing their own breakthroughs in AI. Read more from…

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