Paul Roetzer Meet Lucy: The AI-powered teammate you didn’t know you needed. Lucy is the product of Equals 3, an AI startup founded in 2015 with $7 million in funding.

She leverages the computing power of IBM’s Watson to research, segment, and plan for her human marketing counterparts. We talked with Equals 3 managing partner Scott Litman (LinkedIn) and chief product officer Rahul Singhal (LinkedIn) to uncover all that Lucy can do.

Equals 3 is the creator of Lucy, the AI-powered assistant to the marketing professional. Lucy addresses common challenges across research, audience persona modeling, and media planning allowing her human companion to tackle projects that require large amounts of data and get more done in dramatically less time.

Equals3 uses a breadth of natural language processing technologies, machine learning algorithms, visual recognition technology, and natural language generation to build a proprietary engine that allows us to build a marketing knowledge graph to find answers from marketing data which can be structured or unstructured.    Most of the out-of-box technologies have been trained on openly available datasets (i.e.

Wikipedia or other public sources). They tend to do a reasonably good job when asking questions that are not domain specific. Read more from…

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