Campbell Brown, Facebook’s head of news partnerships, and Adam Mosseri, Facebook’s head of News Feed were recently interviewed at an event where the conversation turned to the algorithm.  Adam Mosseri discussed elements of how the news feed algorithm works. He offered interesting clues as to how the algorithm chooses what feeds to promote to the top and what to keep out.

They also disclosed why some sites won’t be able to game their new local news focused news feed. Facebook’s new algorithm is purposely tuned to not have a bias toward the most popular news sites, like the New York Times or Fox News.

A bias toward big brands can sometimes manifest when an algorithm is tuned to show content from the most popular sites. Popularity based algorithms make sense because they tend to satisfy the most users.

Google’s search algorithm can be said to be a popularity based algorithm.  The downside of showing what the most people want to see is that it doesn’t please everyone all the time. It satisfies the most users.

Satisfying the most users makes sense within the context of a search engine and the ten blue lines that make up a search page. But it makes less sense in the context of a social network like Facebook because Facebook can add extra dimensions to the popularity score and that’s what they have done. Read more from…

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