Note: By submitting this form, you agree to Third Door Media’s terms. We respect your privacy. Facebook is continuing its efforts to fight fake news and stop the spread of false information on the platform.

Today, the company announced a number of new initiatives to reduce activity by bad actors on the site, from expanding its fact-checking operations to more countries to using machine learning to find foreign Pages that share hoaxes for financial gains. “With more than a billion pieces of content posted every day, we know that fact-checkers can’t review every story one-by-one.

So, we are looking into new ways to identify false news and take action on a bigger scale,” writes Facebook product manager Tessa Lyons on the Facebook news blog. The site will be extending its third-party fact-checking program to 14 more countries.

The fact-check tests it uses on photos and videos — to determine if a photo or video has been manipulated or edited to reflect false information — is being extended to four new countries. Facebook’s fact-checking partners will also start leveraging’s Claim Review, an open-source fact-checking platform.

“This will make it easier for fact-checkers to share ratings with Facebook and help us respond faster, especially in times of crisis,” writes Lyons. Before now, Facebook used ratings from fact-checkers to identify Pages and domains that habitually share false news. Read more from…

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