This story contains spoilers for season 1 of Westworld, and episode 1 of season 2.  Westworld is back, and I’m more confused than ever. Watching HBO’s robot drama is a little different from reporting on artificial intelligence, my job here at Quartz.

Usually I’m trying to figure out whether some new AI breakthrough is BS, rather than trying to decipher how a fictional technology could make some kind of sense. While some things in the show, like how the robots can see and speak, are believable based on the direction that real-world AI is taking I still have questions.

Some may be answered in the season ahead. After the carnage at the end of season 1, Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) finds himself hiding from the rioting hosts.

He tries to save an innocent host from the humans, but is knocked over, and leaks some kind of robot brain goo from his ears. The brain goo is also seen when a Delos security person extracts memories from a dead host’s head.

The robot’s central processing unit (CPU) seems to be submerged in the stuff. It makes sense that the hosts aren’t connected to the internet as we know it. Read more from…

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