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Named Best Project Management Solution by SIIA. Today’s overall use of artificial intelligence (AI) still falls within the non-sentient machine intelligence phase of AI’s full potential.

And I would argue we are even in the infancy stage of this realm, having barely scratched the surface of what’s possible. Since AI can refer to a breadth of technologies, it’s important that I clarify the following points in this article and references to AI are specific to chatbots.

I like to compare the state of today’s AI to that of the first automobile. When it comes to interacting with machines, we’ve managed to abandon the technological equivalents of the horse and buggy, but we’re lacking the standard parts, sophisticated highways and seamless user experience needed for AI to really go mainstream.

For instance, even though today’s chatbots can be somewhat helpful (“Hey Alexa, tell me the weather”), you always know when you’re interacting with a bot. The experience is limited and disjointed. Read more from…

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