Nathan Mattise
– 3/10/2018, 12:14 PM Luckily, we musically challenged filmmakers and podcasters now have robots. A number of high-profile AI composition initiatives have surfaced in recent years—perhaps most notably, Sony’s Flow Machine released its debut album in January—and slowly but surely these tools are moving from the research labs and professional production studios into publicly available spaces.

So when I was recently left by myself for a weekend with just my dog for company and a desire for late night tacos, I decided the time had come to reenter the short film arena. The above documentary on Ernie the Shih Tzu is scored entirely by smart composition tools you can access right now.

Would-be children’s publishers: feel free to email me directly about his expanded universe. For everyone else, here’s the lowdown on four song-generating programs you can use to help people get down.

Released on March 1, Chrome’s Song Maker represents the newest of these tech-y composition tools. Technically, this isn’t an artificially intelligent composer.

Instead, it’s a tool that simplifies composition to the point where anyone can do it regardless of your familiarity with pitch or rhythm. It greets users with a grid representing beats on the X axis and tones on the Y, and filling in any individual square will generate a sound. Read more from…

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