WARNING: There might somehow be spoilers for Game Of Thrones season eight below Game Of Thrones has a history with algorithms and A.I. to this point.

Not only did we have one fan create a program to write the next book in George R.R. Martin’s series for him, but there are also others who are trying to use computers to figure out which characters will die in season 8.

That isn’t new because that has happened in prior seasons, but it’s an excellent place to start when trying to get your feelings together or place a few bets before the season premiere. As Entertainment Weekly points out, Boston-based data scientist Taylor Larkin used “automated machine learning” to dig through the past of the show (and Westeros) to determine who was is marked for death in the upcoming finale: Taylor Larkin studied 2,000 living and dead A Song of Ice and Fire characters detailed on a Wiki fanbase and analyzed their traits — such as their gender (female characters, it turns out, die less frequently than males, who are more likely to be in battles), age (older characters are more vulnerable), house (Targaryens, in particular, haven’t fared well), nobility status, and how many of each character’s relatives have died (which turned out to be a very pivotal trait given how many families on the show have been decimated by rivals).

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