Google wants to help you cut down on the notification noise by using AI to prioritize Gmail push notifications. The app now uses machine learning to recognize and filter the messages you may want to read over the ones you don’t, and it will only send you a push notification if the app believes it’s important to you.

The update is available for some iOS users in the Gmail app (ahead of the Android version). In recent months, Google has been updating Gmail with a redesign and new features like the ability to snooze emails.

Some of these features, like notification prioritization, were only available in the company’s other email app, Inbox, but they have since migrated over to Gmail as well. Some iOS users may notice that the feature isn’t available to them, but Google said that it should be rolling out to everyone in the next day or two.

Once available, you can turn it on by going to the Settings menu, selecting Notifications, and setting that preference to “High priority only.” Command Line delivers daily updates from the near-future. Read more from…

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