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June 18, 2018 | 5:31pm
| Updated June 18, 2018 | 6:09pm Google knows everything (or at least it feels that way), and now it can even tell you when you’ll die. The tech giant helped test an artificial intelligence computer system that can predict whether hospital patients will pass away 24 hours after admission.

What’s more staggering is that trials put the accuracy of the AI’s predictions as high as 95 percent. It works by chewing up data about patients, like their age, ethnicity and gender.

This information is then joined up with hospital information, like prior diagnoses, current vital signs and any lab results. And what makes the system particularly accurate is that it’s fed data typically out of reach for machines, like doctors notes buried away on charts or in PDFs.

Artificial intelligence systems become smarter over time through a process known as machine learning. The AI was developed by a team of researchers from Stanford, the University of Chicago and UC San Francisco. Read more from…

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