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The best way to stay connected to the Android pulse. Google researchers have come up with a way of isolating the voice of a single speaker in a video from other voices and background noise.

The method uses a deep learning model that can computationally produce videos in which the speech of specific people is enhanced. It uses both the audio and visual signals of the speaker, such as the movement of the mouth, to replicate the ability of humans to effectively focus on one sound.

This is a phenomenon also known as the cocktail party effect. In a blog post, Google explains that in order to develop the method, the researchers gathered a collection of 100,000 high-quality videos and talks from Youtube.

They then produced around 2,000 hours of video featuring single people talking to the camera without any background interference. Using this video, Google then created what it calls “synthetic cocktail parties” made up of face videos, their corresponding speech from separate video sources, and non-speech background noise. Read more from…

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