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Google’s tiny tensor processing unit (TPU) chips are shown perched on a pair of dice. Google, one of the top companies in the hot area of artificial intelligence, will begin letting customers directly use its custom processors for the technology starting in October.

Google’s TPUs, or tensor processing units, accelerate AI tasks like understanding voice commands or recognizing objects in photos. Today, Google will let you pay to do that kind of work on its cloud-computing infrastructure.

But through a program called Edge TPU announced Wednesday, Google will let programmers install the TPUs in their own machines. “There are also many benefits to be gained from intelligent, real-time decision-making at the point where these devices connect to the network,” without having to wait for a trip over the network to Google’s machines, Injong Rhee, vice president of Google Cloud’s internet of things work, said in a blog post.

“Your sensors become more than data collectors — they make local, real-time, intelligent decisions.” AI, also often called machine learning or deep learning and using a brain-inspired technology called neural networks, is a profound change for computing. Read more from…

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