Any current discussion of artificial intelligence in the workforce centers on how it will impact — or outright replace — certain departments or even employees. But that’s not the most pragmatic conversation for venture capitalists.

considering AI’s utility in identifying the most interesting startup investments. InReach Ventures co-founder Roberto Bonanzinga, for example, is investing $7 million on software that utilizes machine learning to find worthwhile European startups to pour capital into.

AI is a powerful tool that can filter through all the noise and present VCs with potential candidates for investment. And that will make it easier for entrepreneurs to find the best way to appeal to VCs and attain the optimal level of funding.

Related: The First Thing Your Startup Can Do With AI is Become Instantly More Attractive to VCs An inherent risk comes with investing in first-time entrepreneurs, who succeed just 18 percent of the time, according to a Social Science Research Network study. Creative novice business owners are unproven, which can give VCs pause when it comes time to invest.

An AI framework arms VCs with the tools and information to use reasoning, knowledge, planning, communication and perception to boil startup viability down to metrics that can complement gut instinct. AI can internalize data — much like an automated financial adviser — to quickly summate findings and attach a success probability to a company on the basis of previous industry experiences, churn, revenue growth and market size. Read more from…

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