New Delhi: India’s complex address system has continued to be a big riddle for technology companies. Earlier this year, Google launched Plus Codes to make it easier for users to find and share their addresses.

While Google is still working on that, the address problem is far more severe for e-commerce companies. These companies grapple with a wide variety of fraudulent activities where some users rig addresses to avail discounts or commit a fraud.

This has been a major pain point for e-commerce companies which bank on the last-mile logistics and ultimately bleed revenues. But fraud is just one aspect of the complicated address challenge. For instance, in many developed countries, latitude and longitude information of each address is also available.

In many developing countries such as India, such accuracy in information is not available or is only partial. Flipkart, one of the biggest e-commerce companies in India, is turning to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to solve the complicated address puzzle.

We spoke to senior Flipkart data scientist Ravindra Babu on how the company uses new age technologies to build an ‘address intelligence’. One of the rudimentary problems Flipkart faces is the variation in spellings for a common place. Read more from…

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