I am a firm believer in TA over fundamental. But that is from the perspective of someone that is building his initial account. I have bought and sold everything from vacuum cleaners to dump trucks. Focusing on supply and demand always paid more than getting over involved in the base assets. Although those three pinball machines I flipped in the 1980s sure were fun to keep around for a while:man_with_gua_pi_mao: :man_dancing: :call_me: . NPXS ETH&BTC, is one of the few I want to understand head hide guts and all as they are always pumping out the community updates. And I think it will be a sleeping giant although the

giant will be sleeping for several years. As for trading system; health and scheduling time for trading will dictate which system I end up in (sing, scalp, post ICO bounces, etc.) as much as which system I happen to best suited to. It is important to understand our weaknesses as well as our strengths. Although understanding the markets emotional weaknesses can be quite profitable. Or so it seems to me.