Horizon Robotics Inc, a Chinese startup backed by chip giant Intel Corp, has unveiled two artificial intelligence-tailored processors to power intelligent driving vehicles and image recognition-enabled smart cameras. The move came as the two-year-old startup announced Wednesday it has raised over $100 million in its Series A+ financing round from Intel, Hillhouse Capital and other investors.

Yu Kai, CEO and founder of Horizon Robotics, said the company is different from other AI chip startups; Horizon highly values the combination of software and hardware, used to develop tailor-made chips and algorithms to drive more AI applications. Yu is the former head of Baidu Inc’s Institute of Deep Learning and was once in charge of Baidu’s autonomous driving unit.

According to him, the company’s Journey 1.0 processor is designed to help cars automatically recognize and monitor pedestrians, motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles, traffic signs, traffic lights and other types of targets in real time, and most importantly, in a low power consumption manner. “If a fully self-driving car wants to hit the road, its energy-consumption rate may hit 500 watts based on current technology.

So it may not be a running car, but a burning car,” Yu said. To partially solve the problem, the company’s Journey 1.0 processor can now recognize 200 objects simultaneously with just 1.5 watts. Read more from chinadaily.com.cn…

thumbnail courtesy of chinadaily.com.cn