Late last year, Algorithmia announced a new service that helps data scientists deploy machine learning models and host it in the Algorithmia cloud (Serverless AI Layer) or using on-premises architecture (Enterprise). Algorithmia offers these services in two forms. The first form is a Serverless AI Layer for setting up models in the cloud.

There is an Enterprise AI Layer for setting up the model in any public or private cloud. And both of these forms support the ability to deploy code bases from GitHub, set up permissions and share it with an organization.

Algorithmia was founded in December 2013 and it has raised $13 million total in seed and Series A funding. Algorithmia co-founder and CEO Diego Oppenheimer told me that he grew up in Uruguay and moved to the U.S. to attend Carnegie Mellon University where he received a BS in Information Systems and an MS in Data Analytics before starting the company.

Prior to launching Algorithmia, he was a program manager at Microsoft where he worked on several multibillion-dollar data products including Excel SQL Server, PowerPivot, PowerQuery and Power BI. Oppenheimer came up with the idea for Algorithmia with CTO and co-founder Kenny Daniel.

Daniel was working towards his Ph.D. when he realized the impact that artificial intelligence and machine learning was going to have in the world. “A big frustration came from how hard it was to go from academic work to something companies and developers across the globe could consume. Read more from…

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